Gene Simmons Tongue:
Magazine for Men

Premiere Issue - June 4, 2002

$3.99 - 104 pages - 24 advertisements.

Interviews: Hugh Heffner, Fed Durst, Tommy Lee and Bill Maher.

Profiles: Aisha Tyler, Josie Maran, Donna D'errico, Weezer, Kelly Slater and Stan Lee.

Departments: First Licks, Forked Tongue, Tongue Lashings, Calling Dr. Love (Sexpert - Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna), Foreign Tongue (the best clubs around the world - Batofar in Paris), Games and Movies.

Issue #2: Fall 2002 - September 24, 2002

$3.99 - 112 pages - 26 advertisements.

Interviews: Dave Foley, Tony Hawk, Peter Criss, Andy Dick(Phone Tag), Carrie Stevens, Nikki Sixx, Pamela Des Barres,

Profiles: Paulina Rubio, Carrie Stroup, Rena Maro.

Departments: Citizen Gene, First Licks, Forked Tongue, Calling Dr. Love, Bio Hazzard (Bob Crane), Thanks For the Mammaries, Back Stage, Tube, Tongue & Groove, Movies, Games, Gadgets, Lets Do Launch, Last Lick.

Issue #3: Winter 2002 - December 4, 2002

$3.99 - 112 pages - 23 advertisements.

Interviews: Richard Branson, Jenna Jameson, Carson Daly, Ellen K, Peggy Trentini, Roseanne, "Mr. President", Todd McFarlane.

Profiles: Taryn Manning, Laila Ali, Sturgis Bike Festival, "The Demon" Beautiful Women...Kick Ass, Dick Tricksters, 10 Most Outrageous Fetishes.

Departments: Tongue Lashings, Calling Dr. Love, Condoms, 2003 Calender Poster, 50 Wildest Rock Rumors, Ladies In Waiting, Games, Family Jewels, Back Stage, Gadgets, CD-Films-BooksReviews, Scream Queens, Hold Your Tongue, Foreign Tongue.

Issue #4: Spring 2003 - March 25, 2003

$3.99 - 112 pages - 19 advertisements.

Interviews: Joe Francis, Chuck Zito, Jack Nicholson, Joel Schumacher, Jim Bruer, Travis Tritt, Shauna Sand-Lamas, Avi Arad

Profiles: Shannyn Sossamon, William Shatner, Nikki Ziering, Sandra Bernhard, Kristin Bauer/Liz Vassey, Jeanne Basone, Heather-Victoria Ray, Mediaeval Babes, Devin Devasquez, Feel The Heat.

Departments: Tongue Lashings, Calling Dr. Love, First Licks, Fashion, Hitting the G-Spot, Gadgets, Tongue & Groove, Movies, 20 Hottest Women in History, Back Stage, Games, Foreign Tongue, 5 Cars Under 50K, Last Lick.

Issue #5: Summer 2003 - July 29, 2003

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