Carnival Of Souls: (October 28, 1997)

KISSCarnival of Souls: The Final Sessions is KISS' last album produced before the reunion of the original KISS members. Recorded and slated for release in 1995/early 1996, KISS cancelled its release when they embarked on the reunion tour. However, fans began to greatly bootleg the album, causing KISS to finally release it in 1997. The sound of the album is heavily reminiscent of grunge bands popular from the era the album was recorded in, particularly Alice in Chains and Soundgarden.

The last track, "I Walk Alone," was the first and only vocal performance on a KISS album by guitarist Bruce Kulick.

The Band

PAUL STANLEY - Guitar / Vocals
GENE SIMONS - Bass / Vocals
BRUCE KULICK - Guitar / Vocals

Album Notes

  • Produced:
    Toby Wright and Gene Simmons / Paul Stanley

  • Recorded at Music Grinder Studios, Hollywood, California.

Charts & RIAA Certifications

  • Album Debutes on the Billboard album chart ar position # 27

  • Album drops to position #87 in the second week on the Billboard album chart

  • The single "Jungle" reaches to #8 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart

Track Listing

  1. Hate (Simmons/ Van Zen/ Kulick)

  2. Rain (Stanley/ Kulick/ Cuomo)

  3. Master & Slave (Stanley/ Kulick/ Cuomo)

  4. Childhood's End (Simmons/ Thayer/ Kulick)

  5. I Will Be There (Stanley/ Kulick/ Cuomo)

  6. Jungle (Stanley/ Kulick/ Cuomo)

  7. In My Head (Simmons/ Van Zen/ St. James)

  8. It Never Goes Away (Stanley/ Kulick/ Cuomo)

  9. Seduction Of The Innocent (Simmons/ Van Zen)

  10. I Confess (Simmons/ Tamplin)

  11. In The Mirror (Stanley/ Kulick/ Cuomo)

  12. I Walk Alone (Simmons/ Kulick)

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