KISS ALIVE II: (November 14, 1977)

KISSAlive II KISS made more use of overdubs than on Alive!. "Hard Luck Woman" and "Tomorrow and Tonight" as they appear on the album were completely recorded in the studio, and audience noises were later overdubbed.

The remastered version released in 1997 confirmed what had been speculated by KISS fans for years - Bob Kulick actually played lead guitar on three tracks ("All American Man," "Rockin' In The U.S.A." and "Larger Than Life"), not Ace. Frehley's sole involvement for the studio songs was to handle all guitars and bass guitar for "Rocket Ride." Paul Stanley played all guitars on "Any Way You Want It" which was originally recorded by the Dave Clark Five in 1965.

Alive II was packaged with a booklet entitled "The Evolution of KISS" and a set of rub-on tattoos. The tattoos depicted the band logo, KISS Army logo, band member heads, member signatures and symbols. The symbols were meant to represent the four personas of the group and included a skull and crossbones for Gene, a rose and star with eye for Paul, a Saturn-like planet and block print-style 'ACE' for Ace and a drum and cat's head for Peter.

The Band

PETER CRISS - Drums / Vocals
PAUL STANLEY - Guitar / Vocals
GENE SIMONS - Bass / Vocals

Album Notes

  • Produced By:
    and Eddie Kramer

  • Also appearing:
    Rick Derringer - guitarist,
    Bob Kulick - guitarist

  • Recorded live at the L.A. Forum, Los Angeles, California.

Charts & RIAA Certifications

  • A live version of "Shout It Out Loud" reaches #54 on the singles chart.

  • "Rocket Ride" manages #39 in the charts.

  • Billboard Chart Peak - #7

  • Multi Platinum - 02/26/96

Track Listing

  1. Detroit Rock City

  2. King Of The Night Time World

  3. Ladies Room

  4. Makin' Love

  5. Love Gun

  6. Calling Dr. Love

  7. Christine Sixteen

  8. Shock Me

  9. Hard Luck Woman

  10. Tomorrow And Tonight

  11. I Stole Your Love

  12. Beth

  13. God Of Thunder

  14. I Want You

  15. Shout It Out Loud

  16. All American Man (Delaney/Stanley)

  17. Rockin' In The USA (Simmons)

  18. Larger Than Life (Simmons)

  19. Rocket Ride (Delaney/Frehley)

  20. Any Way You Want It (Clark)

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