Creatures Of The Night - October 13, 1982

KISSUsing a clause in their Casablanca contract that gave the band an option to leave the label if Bogart did, KISS became free agents and signed a multi-million-dollar deal with Mercury Records. Almost ironically, Mercury - a label also owned by PolyGram - reverted the band back to their "old" label, at least in name only.

Creatures of the Night is the first KISS album to have all lead vocal duties handled by either Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley exclusively. All previous studio releases (solo albums notwithstanding) contained at least one song with lead vocals by another band member.

The Band

ERIC CARR - Drums / Vocals
PAUL STANLEY - Guitar / Vocals
GENE SIMONS - Bass / Vocals

Album Notes

  • Produced By:
    Michael James Jackson, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons
  • Additional personnel: Vinnie Vincent (guitar).

  • Recorded at The Record Plant, Los Angeles, California.

  • The C.O.T.N. Tour was one of KISS' lowest grossing US tours with almost every date losing money. Quite a few dates were canceled in favor of a South American tour.

  • There rerelease of the album with a second cover was issued on July 14, 1985

Charts & RIAA Certifications

  • Chart Peek #45

  • RIAA Certified Gold - 05/09/94

Track Listing

  1. Creatures Of The Night (Stanley/ Mitchell)

  2. Saint And Sinner (Simmons/ Japp)

  3. Keep Me Comin' (Stanley/ Mitchell)

  4. Rock And Roll Hell (Simmons/ Adams/ Vallance)

  5. Danger (Stanley/ Mitchell)

  6. I Love It Loud (Stanley/ Cusano)

  7. I Still Love You (Stanley/ Cusano)

  8. Killer (Simmons/ Cusano)

  9. War Machine (Simmons/ Adams/ Vallance)